Everything You Need To Know About Cashback


For some time now, Ebates.com has managed to establish itself as a legitimate cash reward website for online shoppers. With an extended membership base, cash rewards are expected to fly all over the place almost all the time. However, the main question here is, what exactly makes ebates.com a special site for online shoppers? And most importantly, how does it work? This Ebates.com review should provide the appropriate answers.

We all know that there aren’t many legitimate cash reward sites out there that can offer its members 25% cash commission on their online purchases from numerous stores. But Ebates.com does. Yes, the site earns a share of the commission, but they pay membership commissions without asking for point redemption or membership fee from newbies.

Ebates.com avails the opportunity to save money while you do what you love doing the most, shopping! An extra buck every time you shop is not a bad idea at all. Next up…..

The process is quite simple and straight forward and the points below will justify that.

– The first step is to create a free account right there on their website. It is absolutely free and you will also get a $10 gift card for a preferred store just for joining. Awesome right?

– Next is to locate a store of your choice to buy from through the search box.

– Once you locate your preferred store, click the “Shop Now” tab and you are good to go.

– As soon as this is done, a tracking ticket is created automatically for you. From that moment you have just 30 days to make your purchase and get you cash back (Commission).

– Your account gets credited with your allocated cash as soon as this is done.

– As expected, the 25% commission on every purchase that you make is an absolute bargain. There are also savings with coupons features and other exclusive deals.

– Ebates.com has thousands of positive customer reviews that you can pick from.

– Over 1200 shops to choose from so that you can shop and also save money at the same time.

– Legitimate business with a high rating from Better Business Bureau.

– Bad tracking of purchases made can sometimes lead to a rebate check. It should be noted that this does not occur often.

If you shop online on a regular basis, ebates.com can provide a source from which you can earn an extra income. This does not make it a part time job or a stay at home job, instead view it as a reward for your love of shopping.

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